When interest rates rise – And it does

It is tempting to choose an interest rate close to or below 0% rather than an interest rate of 2%. Still, many are in doubt, and that is, of course, because everyone knows that there are risks associated with choosing a variable rate instead of a fixed rate. There is no doubt that the benefit

More Than 10 Payday Loan In One Hand

From the first day of this month, new rules for microcredit companies began to work within the framework of the Basic Standard, which was developed by the regulator together with market participants and self-regulating organizations. Now, during the year one borrower cannot take a payday loan more than ten times. We are talking about the

News About Loans And Microloans

The growth of the volume and number of loan disbursements to the population has been recorded for several years on the microloan market. At the same time, almost every quarter the growth dynamics has also been growing for several years. But this year, already during the coming summer, the first decline in growth dynamics will